Sunday, June 1, 2008

Exploring the layered nature of a place is the focus of our collaborative projects. Gravitating towards objects and environments that are typically overlooked, our works utilize found, recycled, and (when necessary) fabricated materials that respond to their location or origins. Shredded business cards and personal documents, deer pheromones, hand-blown glass, Styrofoam cups, recovered birthday cards, and work gloves from our roads have all participated in this exchange. Sadly, we are interested in the laborious nature of handcrafted work; we choose processes that are methodical and slow—we begin by researching behavior, demographics, and maps. We embroider, sew, leatherwork, solder, blow glass, arrange, and catalogue objects. The items we design and fabricate are frequently built from small components that are assembled into complex arrangements. The history of a place, a project, the community, and the ways that people move through their spaces are all open questions in our practice.

Image: Sonny and Rico in Miami, c. 1983