Saturday, December 6, 2008


We're struggling to find ways to thank everyone who has participated in making this project with us, and this post will probably become a repository, roll call, and trial version for any and all images of people making the snowflakes that we will be using next weekend. The top images are culled from the many snowflake-making parties that Jana Wennstrom (at the head of the table in the image third from the bottom) organized at TAM (Michelle Kinney is seated between Jana and Shannon). 

The lower two images  are from Thanksgiving at the Miller compound. Pictured is Olga (who seems to have an almost preternatural gift for snowflake making), Annie, Cindy, Steve, and Joe. Although Joe is pictured here working on his iphone, it should be noted that he did make some significant snowflake contributions, and is trying--at these moments--to find out some pressing (really, it felt pressing at the time) facts on Dan Fogelberg, at our behest.

And any mention of snowflake making cannot be made without sending out props to Jessica Bender who has made this all possible by working with Shannon every week. Check out her Etsy store link, cabinet713.

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