Saturday, December 6, 2008

Snow Job

As we are partnering with Tacoma Goodwill Industries, we will be updating this posting periodically with new images and information on the donation. Likely, I'll also have new postings at the top of the blog that will complement the images shown here.

Besides being one of my favorite songs on Ritual de lo Habitual, three days is roughly the amount of time that it took us to place and install these sweaters. Oddly, we haven't actually counted how many went onto the wave, but the wall label describes it as "more than 600". The third image here was taken last night, just before we stopped working for the evening. As it became darker, it was more and more difficult to read the interior spaces of the museum; we kept seeing fleeting glimpses of people walking on what seemed or felt like multiple levels all at once, reflected everywhere. Inside and outside overlapped. And it seemed like Leroy was always over our shoulder, circling around us.

Special thanks goes out to Jordan Tart at Pure Clothing for helping us in gathering all the sweaters used in this project. Pure is also where we go to buy our belts and most (or all, in my case) of our Rock-n-Roll t-shirts. Thanks Jordan, you are awesome.

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